We can agree on something if we try

The old “divide and conquer” trick still works. In popular media, this is called “showing both sides of the issue.” Often, we are shown two aspects of the same side, and alternative views are disregarded.

Most issues have more than two sides, but it’s hard to hold more than two possibilities in our heads at the same time. This is not to say people are stupid. In technology-driven societies we are constantly bombarded with messages which present disconnected, fractured, and false realities. It’s a wonder we can think at all.

1) Loggers and environmentalist have a common interest in healthy forest ecosystems, and shouldn’t allow themselves to be pitted against each other by those who profit from exploiting both environment and laborer. The choice isn’t between jobs and environment, it’s which jobs are best for life and who gets the fruits of their labor.

2) Anti-abortion and pro-choice groups would probably agree that eliminating unwanted conceptions would virtually eliminate the need for abortions.

3) Disagreements between deep ecologists and social ecologist are just as counter-productive. Both approaches are needed at this time. Social justice is needed to preserve what’s left of Earth’s biosphere.

4) Differing approaches of environmentalists and animal rights advocates are minor in the bigger picture of preserving all life on Earth. The smaller our population, the fewer animals will be caged, ridden, vivisected, hunted, slaughtered, and driven to extinction.

5) Many VHEMT Volunteers and Supporters have procreated and many have remained childfree. Still, we are all on the same side: it’s the future that matters now. People who breed need help, not criticism. Intentional breeding shows a need for help in taking responsibility and in getting beyond denial. Coerced breeding shows a need for help in gaining reproductive freedom.

6) Some say driving cars is destroying the biosphere so those who drive can’t call themselves environmentalists. Others say eating meat is the worst. Or is it patriarchy’s subjugation of women and Nature? Capitalism and the greed which feeds it might be the culprit. Misuse of religion, and societies’ natalist policies could be the causes. Military activities do more damage than any other criminal institution. Compelling evidence "proves" any of these—and several other causes—to be THE problem. Berating those who don’t choose the same problem as us is a divisive waste of our energies. Each of us has the right to follow our hearts and do whatever we think is best. Tolerance and understanding of other’s choices will help us unite for the common good.

No matter what directions we take to help Earth’s biosphere, phasing out humans will greatly increase our chances for success. In fact, solving any problem on Earth is impossible in the long run without a reduction in our numbers.

Unity among economic justice and environmental justice advocates.