Top Ten Reasons to Not Create Another Human Being

By Les U. Knight and Cher DeLand

10. Time, energy, and money saved can be used to help existing people and animals in need, or to support any other worthwhile endeavor.

9. Our restraint means one less person sentenced to life in a world where our quality of life is deteriorating, and where opportunities are dwindling.

8. Our heir non-apparent will leave more room for wildlife and its habitat, saving trees by avoiding the need to build another house.

7. Society will never have to educate, adjudicate, institutionalize, or support our non-born child.

6. Each new person we don't create means one less car spewing toxic waste and taking parking space.

5. Our recessive genes won't combine to pass on genetic quirks such as alcoholism, cancer, or the urge to go shopping.

4. We avoid the possibility of our progeny ending up as fodder for cannon or factory.

3. Our non-existent offspring won't create a plethora of offspring in spite of our admonitions to be responsible.

2. Humanity will never be cursed by our little darling turning out to be more like Hitler than Gandhi.

1. We achieve the equivalent of a lifetime of 100% recycling without lifting a finger.