More on suicide from Les

Although "May we live long and die out" is the first statement at this website, many visitors seem to get stuck thinking about death, especially suicide. Random examples follow. If you get bored by the repetition, skim on past.

"Why don't you start by killing yourself and setting an example for all of your politically sensitive enviro-whacko friends? That would be nice! I'd loan you my Glock 9 to do the job, but that would make me potentially liable."

"Let me give you one last suggestion: start by killing yourself; it would be the best example and the best contribution to your cause."

"Les, You're a F****** idiot! Why don't you start helping the planet by following in the footstpes of the Heaven's Gate freaks!"

"If you really think that humans are the cause of this planet's ills then remember, ecology begins at home.Please put your money (in the form of hollow-points) where your mouth is. Not that anyone would care."

". . . at least while we are polluting everything to death (or so it is said), most of us are having some fun. Thats all that really matters in life.  Thats what we are here to do, not give up and kill ourselves off.  Even if we suffer while we live at least we are alive.  And thats what living things do, LIVE!"

"Is it just me or does anyone find it odd that they do not volunteer to catch a ride with Hale Bopp? Some grape cool aide, some Nike Air Jordans and off the Star Ship Earth! How come everyone else has to go first?"

"If you _really_ believe in what you're talking about, why twist in the wind until you're 80 or so? Start now and beat the rush."

"Why don't you get all your cronies together in a redwood forest and have the first and last VEHMT Jim Jones Purple Kool-Aid and Forest Floor Composting Party? That way you'd accomplish your own personal goal, donate your own bio-matter back to Gaia, and set the ultimate example for others who share your ideas."

"Please feel free to start the human extinction plan with yourself."

"Where does one go with your idea?
I am assuming you are going to start with yourself?
I hope none of my friends or relatives read what I have read at your site.
I find it very difficult to even pity a person such as yourself but I do find a bit of sadness in you and your train of thoughts..."

"Hey les, If that's what you belive, they go ahead,. off yourself. I however was created in the Image of God, & will take dominum & make babies... white babies."

"If 78,000 women die from illegal abortions each year then you should support illegal abortions. This probably is not original
[!] but hopfully if you hear it enough........ start by killing yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liberal moron!"

"There is no such thing as over crowding except in stupidity & ignorance. If those kind want to 'get it over with', then I'm all for it."

Sounds pretty silly after a while.

Sometimes I hear from people who mistakenly think we are here to help them kill themselves. Like this unfortunate soul:

Re: Life suck

Hello Friend,

>I'd like to bring my life to an end.

What's your hurry? We'll all be dead soon enough.

>I study chemistry and have a bit of an idea about poison. (eg Cyanide).

You've probably heard that if you don't succeed with cyanide it could cause paralysis. If you're unhappy now....

>Unfortunately I don't know any smooth things and would be gratefull, if you could give me Info's or tell me where to get them!

There are lots of web sites with the information you seek. VHEMT is not about suicide. We do not promote increased death rates -- just the opposite, in fact.

>Thank you very much!

You are welcome. I encourage you to consider finding a cause to live for rather than one to die for.

Then another exchange: 

I wrote:
>>There are lots of web sites with the information you seek.

You wrote:
>Could you tell me where please?"

Sure, I could. I could do an internet search and come up with a couple of good URLs which will link to all the other sites. But, although I respect everyone's right to end their lives, I don't care to participate in the process unless I'm convinced it's the best way to go. I'm definitely not convinced in your case. If you proceed in that direction it'll have to be without my help.

>>You are welcome. I encourage you to consider finding a cause to live for rather than one to die for.

>My motto: Die4Fun !

A fun death is hard to arrange. For one thing, it won't be fun for anyone else who knows you. I doubt it will be fun for whoever has to deal with the body, but you never know. You won't be around for the punch line.

Sometimes dissatisfaction with life comes from obsessing over the personal. When we look around and see that others' lives suck way badder, and then try to help, all that fades away. Happiness sneaks up on you when you forget to worry about it.

Best wishes,

PS: Here's a message you might find interesting. If you would like to join in solidarity with these people your death might have some meaning: U'wa tribe's suicide pact