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Stewardship of the Earth: Population Control is Not the Answer
Chuck Colson, BreakPoint
November 17, 2011
This same view of human as polluters and despoilers is prevalent in the modern environmental movement. Its most common manifestation is the link between environmentalism and population control.
Its most extreme manifestations are wishful musings about “culling the human herd” and calls for “voluntary human extinction.”
Given the literally inhumane thinking that animates a lot of modern environmental thinking, a humane Christian response is sorely needed.

The Missouri Miner
Voluntary extinction: any takers?
October 7, 2010
Has anyone ever thought about phasing out the human race voluntarily to improve the current crowded conditions and to increase our resources? This has never really crossed my mind, but there are a group of people out there promoting a movement that encourages voluntarily refusing to breed; therefore, slowly killing off the human race. We are currently moving toward an environmentally conscious society. People are recycling, thinking twice before they litter, purchasing fuel efficient vehicles, and using energy wisely, but that is not enough according to this group of people (who say they are not an organization). They believe that the only way to save plants and animals is to voluntarily extinct ourselves.

Fearless and Loathing
Breed, and Die: Analysis of a Visit from the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Nick Perry
20 February 2010
“For all those who wish to one day be married and raise a family of little hippies and hipsters, well, you may need to adjust your core values as a human being.”

Delaware Liberal
14 February 2010
“Dear Dr. Liberal,
I’ve recently read about the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and it looks pretty good. Should I join?
Signed, No Kidding (Get it?)”

Earth Survey
10 January 2009
Jeremy Taylor

Am I fit to breed?
Whether the world needs more children is a tough question. Whether the world is worthy of one’s own children is harder still
Guy Dammann
The Guardian
28 December 2008
“VHMENT is an acronym for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, brainchild of one Les U Knight. The followers of this movement take to its logical conclusion the observation that the population growth of the human species is unsustainable. Rather than waiting for nature to extinguish us by itself, which process will almost inevitably involve the destruction of many other species besides, we should initiate proceedings ourselves by refusing to have any more children.
“Altruism, of course, is said to be a uniquely human quality (there are those who deny it even to be this, of course), and there is something magnificent about the thought of an entire species simply switching itself off, without violence or force of anything other than will, to make way for something more lasting. It is unthinkable within the system of nature, unless as the conscious, involuntary corollary to a process that may be occurring anyway. But the absurdity lies not in the aim, which is in many ways laudable, but in the idea that the compassionate motivation in which it originates could possibly see the project through.”

Eco Group Calls For “Voluntary Human Extinction”
Steve Watson
May 12, 2008
Says masses should be indoctrinated to stop having children in order that the human race can die out and save the planet
A further read around the VHEMT site leaves a very sour taste for anyone who happens not to agree that the human race should be systematically wiped out. This movement is very calculated in its unwavering explanation and rationalization of an eventuality totally at odds with the history of evolution. It even appeals to different philosophies and religions and attempts to use their dogma to bolster its own views.
In an interview with World Net Daily, a spokesperson for the group, going under the pseudonym Les U. Knight, highlights the pure doublethink that one must engage in in order to come to the conclusions this group do: [In answer to a question about the VHEMT concept dying out as VHEMTers die out]
“It’s an idea, and it’s not transferred genetically,” he said. “We aren’t born knowing we should go extinct; we have to learn it. We don’t need to create new humans in order to indoctrinate them from birth. All of us come from breeding couples, and yet we’ve decided not to breed.”
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this group is that it equates itself with a general freedom movement. describing its ideal as “reproductive freedom” rather than “population control”. However a thorough read through their material makes it clear that the group is intent on imposing its views on people in order to change their mindset, whether they like it or not.
[VHEMT propaganda is that powerful. Hide it from your children!]

No more babies, please
Abby O’Reilly
The Guardian online
24 November 2007
“Humans are breeding with persistent determination and it’s giving me a headache. Wouldn’t the earth be better off without us?”

May Pete Rose Live Long And Die Out
by Big Daddy Drew
8 September 2007
“Perhaps you’ve heard of the new book The World Without Us, Alan Weisman’s blow-by-blow account of what would happen on Earth if all human beings suddenly disappeared. But if you think this book is just some environmentalist’s wet dream, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. People, I give you The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, a very real foundation that hopes to make just such a scenario reality. Their slogan? ‘May we live long and die out.’ Indeed. For what better way to prevent species from going extinct than to make a species go extinct? I particularly enjoyed the group’s FAQ.

“Q: Are some people opposed to VHEMT?
Yes, but only some. There’s also this quote:
‘...we will arrive at virtually the same conclusion: we should voluntarily phase ourselves out for the good of humanity and planet.’

“I agree. Nothing could be better for humanity than ending humanity. This is the kind of project that I think actually does some good, because the people who will agree to phase themselves out are people I hope would never choose to breed anyway.”

Costa Tsiokos
3 September 2007
“Take the save-the-planet blueprint behind zero population growth one step further, and you’ve got the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (or ‘VHEMT’ for short, except that that ‘T’ doesn’t stand for anything, and seems to have been inserted solely to make the resultant acronym vaguely pronounceable as ‘vehement’).

“Species self-destruction as a green act. It’s the chic approach, I’ll grant you. Not that anyone’s pushing anyone else off a cliff, as summarized in the VHEMT’s unofficial motto: “May We Live Long and Die Out.’”

VHEMT’s Answer To Global Warming Is For Humans To Become Extinct
by Momentsintime
July 16, 2007
“How can the Earth return to a healthy planet? VHEMT says the only way is to elimate the human race. Not by war or famie but simply by not producing any more of our own kind. Are they serious?”

Generations for Life
by Eric March 1, 2007
That’s human life, by the way. The “Youth Outreach of the Pro-Life Action League” doesn’t appreciate Nina Paley’s animations:
“Babies Are Eating the Planet!
The ‘anti-breeding’ animations of artist Nina Paley have to be seen to be believed. I would call her ‘radical child hater Nina Paley,’ but even that doesn’t come close to describing her apparent contempt for children—and indeed for all resource-consuming human beings.

“Then again, for all I know she might be quite fond of the particular children she knows, preferring to despise only those unknown but too-numerous children spawned by Christians and suburbanites. Consistent logic is not to be expected from those who hold the view that human beings are by their nature a blight upon the planet; they apparently except themselves from that analysis, so why not their friends and their children’s friends too?

“But whatever Ms. Paley may be like in person, her animations are horrific—the more so because she is tremendously talented.” [more]

Destroy all humans!
by Michael Huang
Monday, July 10, 2006
“‘It is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species,’ said Stephen Hawking recently in Hong Kong. Although many individuals have expressed the same view (see and for some examples), many people are hearing it for the first time. Widespread media coverage of Hawking’s comments began a welcome public discussion of this important topic.

“However, this attention is unwelcome to those who want the complete opposite. The opposite of Stephen Hawking’s statement would be something like, ‘It is important for the human race to stay on Earth for the extinction of the species.’ It is hard to believe, but some people want their own kind to end, the sooner the better.”

“One of the most famous is Les U. Knight, founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. VHEMT (pronounced “vehement”) states that ‘Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health.’ In other words, humans should stop having children to eliminate humankind and improve the environment.

“The appeal of VHEMT to its followers is its non-violent, passive approach to extinction. There’s no need for mass suicides, war, or disease to kill off humankind; only avoiding the difficult work of having and raising children. VHEMT is the lazy person’s extinction.

“Of course, the repulsion of VHEMT lies in the end of humankind: the loss of cumulative achievements in the arts and sciences, the elimination of countless future human lives, and the end of intelligent life on Earth. Of great consequence is the loss of a future for life itself.”

[We’re in agreement on that last sentence].

USA Today
Strange Movement
“The Web provides a digital soapbox to all comers, and God bless ‘em, some real oddballs take full advantage of the opportunity. Meet the VHEMT. Its mission statement? ‘Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health.’ (Um,  you first.)”

[Okay, you next: snip snip]

Moonbats Visualize Humanity’s Demise
December 20, 2005
“You have to hand it to the folks at VHEMT (pronounced vehement). Liberals in general just don’t seem to think things through. But the VHEMT people have thought their ideology through to the very end. They have also taken the self-hatred that drives leftist thinking to its natural conclusion. Why settle for hating your own country or your own ethnic group when you can hate your own species?”

[A wealth of adhominem terms awaits visitors to this site.]
John A. De Goes
December 2, 2005
Good—to whom?
“Driving home from the airport last week, I caught an interview with the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, a group whose goal is to extinct humans by means of a universal, voluntary, self-imposed ban on human reproduction...
“Why Knight is so focused on humans in particular, I can’t say, since the reproductive dominance of any species in a world with finite resources must lead to a decrease in biodiversity...
But the larger gripe I have with Knight’s argument stems from my objection to the notion of intrinsic good. I categorically deny that anything is ‘good’, and instead insist only that things are good to someone...
“Another interesting point about the VHEM movement is that it seems doomed to fail at the hands of social and natural selection. Anyone who believes in VHEM will not reproduce, and will therefore die out. The people who don’t believe in VHEM will survive and raise children, most of whom will end up sharing the beliefs of their parents...”

The Burr in the Burgh
Scott Stiegemeyer
November 21, 2005
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
”Do you believe that the planet earth is becoming over-populated? Do you worry that there may not be enough resources to sustain the burgeoning population? Then you may be interested to know about the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. This movement does not advocate murder, forced-sterilization, suicide or genocide. But it does encourage people simply to stop having babies. Why? So that the planet earth can return to health. But allow me to be as clear as possible. They do not promote reducing or stopping population growth. They literally promote the extinction of the human race.
”You absolutely MUST download this video from their website. If you still use dial-up, this could take a while, but it’s worth the wait. It’s a 4.5 minute animation comparing the human race to a cancerous tumor metastasizing and killing mother earth.
On the other hand, if you would like to see some sane statistics and research about population growth, go here:” Population Research Institute

Aversion Rock, Punk, Indie
Group Lobbies for Human Extinction
Nov 18, 2005
Those environmentalists, always harping about “stop extinction” this and “endangered species” that. Now a group is looking to help the Earth with a new plan: wiping out mankind.
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, based in San Francisco, wants to do Mother Earth a big favor by helping eliminate humans from the planet. Rather than the nuclear holocausts or alien invasion as mode for human destruction we tend to hang our hats upon, the VHEMT wants people to just stop having babies of their own accord. When we all stop having offspring, the human race will die out, and all our environmental problems, pollution, forcing extinctions and a horde of other environmental issues, will die with us.

The Phoenix
“Thank You For Not Breeding!”
November 17, 2005
“May we live long and die out.”
“Thank you for not breeding.”
Who on earth would be putting these two ridiculous messages on bumper stickers and T-shirts? If you can believe it, there is a group based in San Francisco that is calling for the extinction of the human race. Yeah, you read that right. They want all of us—including themselves—to be extinct for the good of the Earth.
VHEMT (pronounced vehement) - Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the “T” stands for in VHEMT. I think they just stuck it on their so they can go around saying “vehement.” Of course, they still need an “N” in front of the “T.” It seems these morons can’t spell.
Here’s their argument in a nutshell: We humans consume and therefore ravage the Earth. We destroy the ecosystem and cause thousands upon thousands of other animal species to become extinct through our consumption and pollution. This movement is calling for the long range extinction of the human race in order to save the earth. When you look at the staggering statistics concerning human beings, they make a compelling argument...
*16,000 humans are born every hour on the world
*Each human creates 22 million pounds of liquid waste and 2.2 million pounds of solid waste (you can thank all the pro-fiber people for that one)
*Each human will consume 4,000 barrels of oil, 1.5 million pounds of minerals (which easily converts to more solid waste), and 62,000 pounds of animal products
*40,000 children died each day of malnutrition
(all stats from
[Actually, just the last one.]
So VHEM(T) believes we need to stop breeding, get old, and all just die. And that will save the Earth.
Les Knight, founder of VHEM(t) had a vasectomy back in the 1970s when he was 25. He says,“We can’t be breeding right now. It’s obvious that the intentional creation of another [human being] by anyone anywhere can’t be justified today” (SF Chronicle, 11/16/05).
On their website, they have several justifications for their views coming from all different perspectives: the economic impact, overpopulation issues, morality and religious issues, and environmental perspectives. They one day hope for: “Gaia completely cured of pox humans. Without us meddlesome humans, all other species would get their fair chance at survival.”
I don’t know about that, Les. I think cockroaches LOVE all the stuff we leave for do mice, rats, and other species that eat our scraps.
Here are just a few of my personal observations:
1)What the hell is the “T” for in VHEMT? Come ’on Les...tell me. It’s really bothering me. Does it mean “team?” Maybe “terror” or “troopers.”
2)What good is a perfect Gaia without any humans? It just sounds pretty idiotic to me. You want us to be ecocentric? Forgo the human race to save Earth? Isn’t that like falling in love with your car?
3)The biological urge to have children is our innermost base desire, removed from our conscious mind at times. Even two VHEM(T) members shed their movement’s beliefs for their own needs. Mike and Mary Brune (Mike is the director the Rainforest Action Network and Mary is founder of Making Our Milk Safe) went against their own movement’s manifesto and had a child after 7 years of marriage. Mike+Mary = Olivia, 15 months old now. How you like that Les?
4)They’re against our species’ survival! That goes against every fiber in every human being’s body. Survival is perhaps our strongest ingrained instinct. If I had a gun and started shooting it at Les, he’s going to duck...he’s going to run and try to take cover. Why? Because he doesn’t want to die. It’s a survival instinct that takes over. We can’t just turn off that instinct to survive as an individual, as a family, as a community, and as a race of beings.
[there’s more]
[The 35 replies hit most of the standard misconceptions, proving once again that ignorance about an issue is no barrier to vehement opinions on it. Some funny comments when you know what VHEMT is really about. I had to post a comment there in reply.]

LifeSite Your Life, Family, and Culture Site
Population Control Fanatic Advocates “Voluntary Human Extinction” as Means to “Green” the Planet
Somewhat similar views held by Gorbachev, Cousteau, Suzuki and others
By Terry Vanderheyden
PORTLAND, November 16, 2005 ( “A population control fanatic is calling for massive world de-population - and therefore elimination of human reproduction - ostensibly for the purpose of revitalizing the planet’s ecosystem.
Describing human population growth as an “inexorable horror,” Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder Les Knight said “It’s obvious that the intentional creation of another [human being] by anyone anywhere can’t be justified today,” according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

Oblogatory Anecdotes [No longer online]
September 29, 2005
Excerpt: What’s scary is that extremism always has to go one step further, so the logical conclusion to VHEMT is the Involuntary Human Extinction Movement. [That’s logical: one thing follows another.]
There may be forms of this going on now. John Terrantino
[Actually, James Taranto.]of the Opinion Journal coined the phrase “the Roe Effect”. His theory is that the reason conservatives are gaining in numbers in this country is because liberals are either not having babies or aborting them, thus unable to pass liberalism on to the next generation. If VHEMT catches on then even more liberals would stop breeding and instead of the human race becoming extinct it would be liberalism itself. Hmmmm. GO VHEMT!!

Why VHEMT Is Only Half-Right
By writingstatic
September 17, 2005
Why the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement will only take us so far.
There is no question that the voluntary extinction of the human race is a good and noble cause, and it will surprise nobody to learn that I am a strong supporter of the movement. But VHEMT has no real “game plan” - they advocate the cessation of pointless breeding and advise us to consider the health of the entire ecosystem before our own selfish desires. In order for people to see the wisdom in the minimization of productive copulation, they must be taught that more humans equates with greater damage to our increasingly-fragile, unstable planet.

But how are we to convince people that damage to the planet should be actively discouraged? Most of us claim to be “environmentally aware”, but awareness is useless if it doesn’t result in direct action. I am more environmentally aware than my cat, for example, but my cat doesn’t use electricity or consume plastics or spray aerosols or travel by car. Her inaction is my “awareness”, and I find it interesting that non-human animals (NHA’s, for convenience), while completely oblivious to the planet’s natural infrastructure, do very little damage to it (and that damage they do cause, primarily in the case of introduced species wreaking havoc on indigenous flora and fauna, is human-initiated anyway), while humans, who carry on about being “deeply concerned for the environment”, are fucking it all up as awesomely and as mercilessly and as ceaselessly as possible.

America Outdoors—Animal Wrongs
News from the front - It isn’t just about hunting anymore.
By Don Zaidler
In Wild Earth, Vol. 1, No. 2, a writer using the pseudonym Les U. Knight said, “The extinction of Homo sapiens would mean survival for millions, if not billions, of earth-dwelling species. Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.” As extreme as AR’s “final solution” is, it nonetheless has influential advocates, such as Peter Singer.
Singer is recognized as the AR “Messiah,” credited with founding the movement with the 1975 publication of his book “Animal Liberation”.

Executive Intelligence Review
Prince Philip’s Malthusians Launch New Age Killer Cults
by Mark Burdman and Roger Moore
July 18, 1997
We Should Phase Ourselves Out
The VHEMT promotes itself as more “reasonable” than the GLF, since it supports “voluntary,” rather than “involuntary” approaches to human extinction.
On inspection, however, the VHEMT policies are no less draconian.
The group was founded in 1991, in Portland, Oregon, by Les Knight, a schoolteacher. His stated purpose is to “phase out” the human race, primarily through putting a “stop at once, to all reproduction.” According to Knight, “each child increases the environmental impact of a family by 50%, and two children do so by 100%.”
On June 8, 1994, Knight was interviewed on BBC World Service’s “Outlook” program. The BBC interviewer, who chirped that Knight’s views were “very interesting,” reported that the VHEMT was gaining support from elements of the environmentalist movement in the United States. Knight told BBC: “Having made such a mess of the world, we should phase ourselves out. We’re incompatible with the biosphere.”
In the same breath that he expressed his affection, as a schoolteacher, for children, he said that the appropriate slogan for the times in which we are living, would be: “Make love, not babies.”

Beware The Greens’ Anti-Human Agenda
Press Release: Libertarianz Party New Zealand
Thursday, 25 November 1999,
“The Alliance want to take us back to the 1930s, which is bad enough,” said Libertarianz deputy leader Richard McGrath, “but the Greens would have us huddled together in caves, at the mercy of predators, disease and climatic fluctuation.” [Gasp! Not climatic fluctuation!]
Dr McGrath said Libertarianz condemn the methods endorsed by the Greens in their war against science. “The Greens seem to endorse violence as a means of achieving their goal of a primitive, low-tech society. Libertarianz oppose both the violence and the Luddite thinking behind it.”
Libertarianz would encourage further genetic engineering, pointing out many currently used vaccines and medicines were developed using such technology, and that the future of cancer treatment probably lies with gene therapy.
“The Green policies are anti-life,” said Dr McGrath, “and I seriously wonder if these lunatics are affiliated with the infamous Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.”

[Referring to VHEMT]“When will those wacko militant environmentalists realize that man-made objects can be just as beautiful and haunting as any found in nature?” Chernobyl is more haunting than anything I can think of[Good point. Chernobyl is more haunting than anything I can think of in Nature.]

From the Congress Action newsletter
Vehement Environmentalism
by: Kim Weissman April 8, 2001
ENVIRONMENTAL EXTREMISM: Thanks to the policies pushed by radical environmentalists, California is in the process of reverting to the status of a Third World economy, complete with energy shortages and rolling blackouts.
The lack of energy has already dealt severe damage to the high technology industry in California, helping to push the economy into recession, and bringing widespread unemployment. Radical environmentalists, having spent decades attacking corporations in general, and utility companies in particular for “despoiling the environment”, must be in heaven with the bankruptcy of a major utility company in California this week, brought on in large part by their irresponsible handiwork. . .
Welcome to the brave new world of environmental extremism. How extreme are some environmentalists, really? Those naïve people who like to think that environmentalism simply means clean air and water, or protecting helpless animals from wanton slaughter, seriously misread the virulent nature of the radical environmental fringe. Consider, for example, the “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement” (VHEMT—pronounced vehement). This is a group that would like nothing better than to see the end of the human race altogether. According to the Movement’s website, VHEMT “presents an encouraging alternative to the callous exploitation and wholesale destruction of the Earth’s ecology. ... Good health will be restored to the Earth’s ecology... to the life form known by many as Gaia.” The goal of VHEMT is simple: “...d voluntarily phase ourselves out for the goodwe should voluntarily phase ourselves out for the good of humanity and planet.”

Consider this: the economic growth and resultant increase in national wealth in this country over the past century was made possible by an abundant supply of reasonably priced energy. Increased national wealth is a large factor in improved nutrition and health care, and that has led to increased human life expectancies. Given all of that, is it really such a stretch of the imagination to think that a group dedicated to the extinction of the human race would do all that it could to cut off the abundant supply of reasonably priced energy, and would be pleased with the economic collapse that results?
What is it that radical environmentalists, indeed, the whole environmental movement and their servants on the left wing of the democrat party, have done over the past several decades?

Animal Rights And Radical Environmentalism: Misplaced Priorities
“Some environmentalists even wish for death, not only for themselves, but for the entire human race. For them, the world is an unending circus of horrors, to be endured and survived until the blessed release afforded by the end of their lives. Bill McKibben writes in The End of Nature that ’We are not interested in the utility of a particular species or free-flowing river, or ecosystem, to mankind. They have intrinsic value, more value to me than another human body, or a billion of them.
‘Human happiness, and certainly human fecundity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet ... Somewhere along the line—at about a billion years ago, maybe half that—we quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the earth ... Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.’”
Vehemently Yours. Perhaps the most extreme statement of this nihilistic philosophy was made by what has to be the world’s ultimate anti-life group—The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT, pronounced ‘vehement’ for short.
Anti-people crusader Les U. Knight, Portland, Oregon substitute teacher and founder of VHEMT, said in his newsletter These Exit Times, that
‘The hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens—us ... When every human makes the moral choice to live long and die out, Earth will be allowed to return to its former glory. Each time another one of us decides not to add another one of us to the burgeoning billions already squatting on this ravaged planet, another ray of hope shines through the gloom ... No matter what you’re doing to improve life on planet Earth, I think you’ll find that phasing out the human race will increase your chance of success.’
Knight seems not to notice that people will have a hard time ‘improving life on planet Earth’ if there are no people left to do the work!”
[Dang! Why didn’t I think of that?]

Slugwire [No available longer online]
Humans for Voluntary Extinction “May we live long and die out”
Anna Oberthur
State/National Editor
I just put a new bumper sticker on my car. It reads: “Thank you for not breeding.” I got it from the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement which I’m thinking about joining. The recent population milestone was a startling wakeup call for me: six billion people is simply too many. So, I’m really considering joining the Movement. Becoming a volunteer, as they say. No more children. It doesn’t sound half bad.
Yes, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT, pronounced vehement) is an actual movement. VHEMT is a very loosely organized group that essentially shares the opinion that humans should, for the good of the Earth and Earth’s species, decide to become extinct. As in, not procreate. As in, no more babies. As in, voluntarily die out.
Initially, many people may find the idea of voluntary extinction depressing. But the fact is, it’s just the opposite. Like I said, VHEMT is entirely peaceful, but not only that, it can be fun, too! The philosophy that many VHEMT volunteers subscribe to is : “May we live long and die out.” Imagine, long life and no children to care for (read: no need for babysitters, no countless dollars spent on pediatrician bills, soccer shoes, family vacations, and college educations). And if you really need a kid to make your life complete, you can adopt. There are plenty of children throughout the world in need of a parent, and frankly, why should we produce more children when they already exist..but that’s a different column.
So, let’s do it. No more kids, just wild unrestrained fun until the last human dies and the Earth can slowly heal itself of the innumerable human-inflicted scars. Copulate, don’t populate.
Anyone interested in joining VHEMT can check out the web site at But remember, “Being VHEMT is a state of mind.”

Extinguish Humans, Save the World [no longer online]
Pentti Linkola and ecology’s forgotten history
by Cletus Nelson
Another world war would be “a happy occasion for the planet,” he explained in his native language to The Wall Street Journal. This Finnish fisherman wasn’t just having a bad day. Little-known in America, he is Pentti Linkola—amateur biologist, advocate of mandatory abortion and involuntary sterilization, adversary of Amnesty International, the Vatican, and Third-World economic aid. Along with other groups such as the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and Charles Manson’s Air, Trees, Water, Air (ATWA), Linkola believes that millions need to die for the environment’s sake. Not surprisingly, Linkola is despised by today’s Green movement-but not just because he wants you and me snuffed out; Pentti Linkola is an untimely reminder of ecology’s dark past, and quite possibly the soothsayer of both the movement’s future, and the planet’s.
Although once confined to the fearful ruminations of flower children and high-brow anarchists, the contemporary environmental movement has eased its way into middle-class respectability. Today, the modern Green agenda is promulgated by suburban moms, fatuous politicos, and in some cases, even multinational corporations like Chevron.
Yet amidst this nature-friendly climate, legions of extremist eco-warriors span the globe. They barely register at first glance, lurking beneath the slick facade of Europe’s Green parties and such media-friendly groups as Greenpeace; yet onward they toil, with their anti-humanistic, biocentric views that send shivers up the spines of their ecology-minded-yet anthropocentric-comrades.
These little-known extremists within the ongoing global campaign to preserve the planet hire no lobbyists, draw few followers, and wield little if any influence among the green-conscious public. However, its members stand apart for the sheer volatility of their opinions. Challenging human rights and the sanctity of life, these die-hard ecologists contend that the earth’s ongoing devastation isn’t rooted in some corporate superstructure; it’s being caused by teeming masses of people who must be eliminated if the earth is to be saved.
“When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory, and all remaining creatures will be free to live,” explain members of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT). To safeguard the last precious remnants of the majestic redwood forestss of the Pacific Northwest and the lush tropical rainforests, confederates of this Oregon-based cadre have closed ranks around trees and animals to counter what they assert is the planet’s most pernicious antagonist: humans.

Lincoln Heritage
“The Voice of Freedom”
A finatic is a finatic- “The Human Extinction Movement????”
EDITORS’ NOTE: This belongs in “Riplies Believe it or not”. It’s finally happened. Believe it or not, this site is real and has a following, small but some people actually believe in this movement.

[VHEMT did get into Ripley’s, believe it or not.]

On Doctrine Newsletter July-Sept 2004
To put it simply, evolution was invented in order to eliminate the god of Genesis and thereby to oust the lawgiver and obliterate the inviolability of His law. Evolution is simply the latest means our fallen race has devised in order to suppress our innate knowledge and the biblical testimony that there is a God and that we are accountable to Him (cf. Rom 1:28). By embracing evolution, modern society aims to do away with morality, responsibility, and guilt. Society has embraced evolution with such enthusiasm because people imagine that it eliminates the Judge and leaves them free to do whatever they want without guilt and without consequences.
And why not? If evolution is true, humans are just one of many species that evolved from common ancestors. We’re no better than animals, and we ought not to think that we are. If we evolved from sheer matter, why should we esteem what is spiritual? In fact, if everything evolved from matter, nothing “spiritual” is real. We ourselves are ultimately no better than or different from any other living species. We are nothing more than protoplasm waiting to become manure.
As a matter of fact, that is precisely the rationale behind the modern animal-rights movement, a movement whose raison d’être is the utter degradation of the human race. Naturally, all radical animal-rights advocates are evolutionists. Their belief system is an inevitable byproduct of evolutionary theory.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is well known for its stance that animal rights are equal to (or more important than) human rights. They maintain that killing any animal for food is the moral equivalent of murder; eating meat is virtually cannibalism; and man is a tyrant species, detrimental to his environment.
PETA opposes the keeping of pets and ‘companion animals’including guide dogs for the blind. A 1988 statement distributed by the organization includes this: ‘As John Bryant has written in his book Fettered Kingdoms, [companion animals] are like slaves, even if well-kept slaves.’
Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s controversial founder, says, ‘There is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights.... A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.’ Newkirk told a Washington Post reporter that the atrocities of Nazi Germany pale by comparison to killing animals for food: ‘Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.’
Clearly, Ms. Newkirk is more outraged by the killing of chickens for food than she is by the wholesale slaughter of human beings. One gets the impression she would not necessarily consider the extinction of humanity an undesirable thing. In fact, she and other animal-rights advocates often sound downright misanthropic. She told a reporter, ‘I don’t have any reverence for life, only for the entities themselves. I would rather see a blank space where I am. This will sound like fruitcake stuff again but at least I wouldn’t be harming anything.’
And the summer issue of Wild Earth magazine, a journal promoting radical environmentalism, included a manifesto for the extinction of the human race, written under the pseudonym ‘Les U. Knight.’ The article said, ‘If you haven’t given voluntary human extinction much thought before, the idea of a world with no people in it may seem strange. But, if you give it a chance, I think you might agree that the extinction of Homo sapiens would mean survival for millions, if not billions, of Earth-dwelling species.... Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.’
That is worse than merely stupid, irrational, immoral, or humiliating; it is deadly.”
John F. MacArthur, Think Biblically! Recovering A Christian Worldview, “Comprehending Creation,” p. 67, pp. 73-74