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Additional bumperstickers and buttons in same order are only $1 each. Thanks for your support.

Item description

Bike sticker “Thank you for not breeding.” Reflective.


Bumper sticker “Thank you for not breeding.”


Bumper sticker “Thank you, for thinking before breeding.”


Bumper sticker “May we live long and die out.” Best wishes.


Bumper sticker “Vasectomy prevents Abortion.”
Dark blue, white letters.


VHEMT Button.


Meritorius Service Award. Suitable for framing and conspicuous display.


T-Shirts. Premium quality. Please circle size(s). (Shoulder seam to shoulder seam). Organic cotton, union made.
15"slim 15" 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 23"


Additional donation for promoting voluntary human extinction. (Not tax deductible).

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