Perhaps so. We’re only human.

Thank you for allowing further explanation.

Perhaps your disapproval of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is simply an unfortunate misunderstanding.

The Movement is voluntary. We are promoting reproductive freedom, not “population control”.

The Movement is life-affirming and will benefit all life. We are not advocating suicide, nor an increase in human deaths.

The Movement is pro-child. Every existing child deserves a good life.

The Movement is pro-parent. Existing children are in need of good parents.

The Movement is opposed to bad stuff.

If you still feel that voluntarily phasing out the human race is a mistake, or if you have unanswered questions after reading this site, or would just like to comment, please feel free to visit Why VHEMT? and post a message. Other Volunteers and Supporters may respond to your message, and answer your questions in a variety of ways.

Thank you for thinking about our place in Earth’s biosphere and the importance of our breeding choices.