Symbolism of the logo for the
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

V stands for Voluntary - a value to keep foremost among us as conditions change. The V shape also depicts the confluence of logic and love to make a receptive and balanced point.

Our world is shown undergoing a revolution of 180 degrees: the opposite view of what we're used to. Our direction must shift radically for us to preserve life and restore ecosystems. Also, upside down emblems are symbols of distress.

The VHEMT concept goes over the whole world. Hanging banners is essential to getting our message across. Without a label, people don't know what to think.

The VHEMT logo was created by Nina Paley in collaboration with Les U. Knight. The color version of the logo was created by Rachel Hein. The image of Earth in space with the color version superimposed was created by Lillyrina. This logo may be freely copied and modified.
More versions of logo.