Personal information about Les U. Knight

Bioregion of residence: Cascadia, or Columbiana, or Ecotopia.

Watersheds: Willamette, Columbia.

Family: Human family, same as you, sister or brother, as the case may be. We now have over seven billion members.

Life’s work: To phase out the human species by non-coercive means. VHEMT’s newsletter, These EXIT Times, is now this web site, sharing and enhancing the concept of voluntary human extinction, which is constantly evolving in the world’s consciousness. These EXIT Times, your vehement voice of The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, has been putting the mental in environmental since 1991.

Religious orientation: Eclectic. “Golden Rule” of Christianity, the Tao, and nice stuff like that.

Political orientation: Anarchy.

Previous incarnations: I forget. Somebody dead for sure.

Favorite Les Talk column from These EXIT Times: “Man-to-Man”.

Blog: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Zine contribution about hier education.

Unusual characteristic: abnormally long humorous bone.

Corrections to media reports:
I’m a Vietnam era veteran, not a Vietnam veteran.
I’m not the founder of VHEMT, I just gave it a name.
I’m not the leader of VHEMT: we’re all leaders—leading the way to a better world for all life.

Irrelevant data: age, gender, sexual orientation, “race,” marital status, income level, body size, physical abilities and disabilities, nationality or politically-defined region of residence, ancestors’ genetic make-up, occupation, diplomas and degrees, awards, last book read, brand of scotch, ad cetera.

Les U. Knight, Editor
These EXIT Times
P.O. Box 86646
Portland, Oregon 97286-0646
Phone: 503-913-8873