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“Uniting in voluntary human extinction”

Below you will find resources for the charts, graphics, and information on display at the information table for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

Notes and sources for the footprint chart (2023 compilation from 2019 data):
Data is from the National footprint network except:
Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is mostly from the CIA World Factbook, with additional data from the World Bank.
“Acres/lifetime saved” column gives a more complete measurement of how much is preserved, on average, by not creating a new human in that nation.
In the US, 19.2 acres of potential wildlife habitat x 79.25 life expectancy = 1,513.9 Lifetime Acre Years saved.
In Bangladesh, a 1.8 acre footprint x 73 life expectancy = 127.5 Lifetime Acre Years saved.
Frequently asked questions about the Global Footprint Network

Footprint chart 2024

Eco Footprint chart 2024.

Country overshoot days 2024.

Oval text boxes.

CO2-e avoided chart.

Links to sources for VHEMT’s information table

Recent news about The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
CIA World Factbook
Fair Start Movement Organization advocating for a fair start for all new humans.
The “Isolation Model” of family planning Offers an alternative to the prevalent model, which assumes parents’ desires are the dominant factor in procreative choice. Recommends considering existing offspring, family, society, ecological impact, and the well-being of the new human when considering co-creation of new person.
Why the silence on human population pressures?

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Why breed? chart
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