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Breathing Earth
Real-time simulation displays the CO2 emissions of countries, as well as their birth and death rates.

CDC reports on US birth rates (pdf)

Carbon legacy
Consequences of creating a new human, compounded over time.

CIA World Factbook
Latest estimates of demographic data by country.

Country Profiles for Population and Reproductive Health 2010

Demographic Transition Theory
“A model used to represent the transition from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates as a country develops from a pre-industrial to an industrialized economic system.”

Demographic Transition Model analyzed by Virginia Abernethy.

Demographic and Health Surveys. “...collecting and disseminating accurate, nationally representative data on fertility, family planning, maternal and child health, gender, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and nutrition.”

Ecological Footprint data
Broken down by geopolitical entity and by type, for example, carbon footprint. Despite shortcomings, the footprint concept remains our best tool for quantifying our ecological impact in an understandable form.

Excellent interactive mashups of common demographic data. Create mashups and link to them.

Glossaries of demographic terms:

  • Population Reference Bureau
  • US Census Bureau
  • United Nations Population Division

    The Millennium Project “connects futurists around the world to improve global foresight. independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities. ...collects and assesses judgments from over 3,500 people, ...distilled in its annual State of the Future.”

    Per capita energy consumption by country

    Personal footprint quiz

    Population Pyramids World and nations 1950 to 2050.

    Total Fertility Rate by country

    UN chart on abortion and contraception availability
    In pdf and excell formats.

    UN Data
    In databases, scroll down to Population. Datasets may be created and a link written for reference to it.

    UN Demographic Manuals On-line
    Lists manuals of population-related studies available in pdf.

    UN Women
    “UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.”

    US birth rate history

    US birth rates
    From CDC reports in pdf.

    US Census Bureau
    Statistics for the US and the other geopolitical entities. Poorly maintained site with challenging navigation and broken internal links. Search function often fails to locate files and urls are changed without redirecting visitors.

    What's your number? See what your birth order in the human family is based on your birth date.

    WorldPop. “High resolution, contemporary data on human population distributions and their compositions are a prerequisite for the accurate measurement of the impacts of population growth, for monitoring changes and for planning interventions. The WorldPop project was initiated in 2013 to unite the continent-focussed AfriPop, AsiaPop and AmeriPop projects, with an aim of producing detailed and freely-available population distribution and composition maps for the whole of Central and South America, Africa and Asia.”

    World Statistics updated in real time

    World Vital Events
    Latest estimates of births, deaths, and natural increase from the US Census Bureau.

  • World population growth from 0001 to 2030

    Rapid population Decline or Civilization Collapse by Jack Alpert

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